Working 4 you: Don’t be a victim of identity theft this summer

During the summer, it’s probably fair to say you’re

getting out more and traveling more than in the winter.

But that summer fun is exactly what makes the season

a ripe time for identity theft scammers.

Most people aren’t thinking about identity theft when

they’re on vacation, but certain aspects of summer

leave anyone susceptible to scams. Emphasis on “anyone.”

It’s not just adults who can be scammed.

Children’s social security numbers can be a target

because they can provide a clean slate for scammers

to open credit card accounts.

Most parents don’t think about their children being

a victim of identity theft, so they don’t worry about


According to the FTC, when you’re signing your kids

up for summer camp, make sure you know where their

person information is being stored, how their records

are used and who has access to those records.

But the most common way you may be scammed this summer

is while traveling. Hotels are now warning travelers

about popular scams, so you don’t find yourself out

of luck while away from home.

First, they say to watch out for anyone calling, claiming

to be from the front desk, wanting to verify credit

card information. They say if there is an issue with

the card, you will be called down to the front desk

to deal with it face-to-face.

They warn another pitfall is wifi networks. Be sure

to confirm a hotel’s authorized network at check-in

to avoid handing your personal information over to

the wrong people.

And according to consumer reports, a good way to avoid

scams while on vacation is to travel with the least

amount of personal information needed. Leave social

security cards and extra credit cards at home.

When you’re heading out on vacation, it may not be

a bad idea to warn your bank. That way they can better

monitor your accounts while your gone.

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