What Is Identity Theft Protection?

You have no doubt heard the horror stories about identity theft. People who have perfect credit are suddenly denied a loan and realize that this is because someone has been using their identity and racking up two amounts of debt in their name. Getting this straightened out once it has occurred can be a nightmare as you go through months and months of appeals and disputes. Often it is nearly impossible to get everything off your report once the damage is done. This is where the job of identity theft protection comes in.

This type of service takes a proactive rather than a reactive approach to identity theft. The way this works is that if there is any transaction which may have an impact on your credit report or score the company will intercept this transaction before allowing it to occur. You must then follow some sort of procedure to verify that you are okay with the transaction being added to your report and being carried out.

In this way everything on your report which is originated by you is on a white list of items that are accepted. Everything else is automatically on the blacklist and therefore anyone who possesses your identity, social security number, etc. will be unable to use your credit as you will not accept these transactions. Furthermore you can pass on the information that you obtained in the attempt to use your credit to the authorities giving them more time to apprehend these criminals.

Services such as this offer you peace of mind in the knowledge that there is someone regarding your identity and attempting to prevent wrongdoers from doing things in your name.

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