What Does an Identity Theft Protection Plan Do?

If you watch the television at all, then you must have had seen your fair share of identity theft protection plan commercials. These protection plans feature programs that help you prevent other people from stealing and compromising your identity. You might think that this is a problem that doesn’t really affect a lot of people, but you’ll be surprised that almost 15 million Americans could actually have their identities stolen this year alone.

Most identity theft protection plans continually monitor your credit report for sudden changes, whether it was you who made them or not. For instance, if you applied for a credit card, an insurance policy, or a mortgage, it will be noted on one of the three major credit-reporting agencies’ credit reports and will immediately be reported back to you. Sometimes this notification is immediate, that it will enable you to literally stop someone while they are caught in the act of stealing your identity!

Not all identity theft protection plans are the same for some offer many more features that are useful compared to the others. If you have children, you might not think that their credit worthiness is worth stealing, but that is entirely incorrect. A child’s Social Security number is like gold dust on the black market because thieves know that no one is checking their credit report for inaccuracies, which makes them even more attractive to the eyes of an identity thief. It is therefore not unlikely then that a child may reach the age of eighteen only to realize that numerous thieves have already destroyed his or her credit.

It may sound like an exaggeration or some sort of scare tactic just to make you sign up for one of these programs, but that is not true at all. People have had their identities stolen in the United States and as a matter of fact, one single person in the United States gets his or her identity stolen every two seconds, and if you aren’t properly protected, the chances are pretty good that you’ll be the next victim. The cost to clean up an identity theft crime in terms of time, money and emotional trauma really is too much to ignore and not be cautious of.

Fortunately, there are a number of protection plans available to date that will allow you to get access to tools that can help you detect attacks on your identity while it’s still early. They also provide resources that will help you restore your good name and credit if ever you do become a victim. In order to protect your identity you must be proactive! Secure a protection plan now and save yourself from all the hassle and trauma that could change you and your family’s entire future!

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