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ATLANTA — 11Alive is continuing to hold the powerful accountable. We broke the story about employees in Atlanta’s Watershed Department whose identity was stolen and now more people are coming forward to speak out.

“I received a letter around the 23rd of February saying that my taxes had already been filed,” said Watershed Management employee, Ann Glass. She called the tax man.

“When I talked to the representative he told me that they had been filed and that I was a victim of identity theft.”

Employees who were victims of identity theft and tax fraud started comparing notes and discovered many of their colleagues were victims too.

“It got out like that by word of mouth, other employees heard us talking and they began telling the same thing happened to them,” Glass said.

They were concerned that they weren’t being heard, but after 11Alive got involved, they got some attention. It’s part of a far reaching investigation into Watershed Management.

Clinton Marshall, a meter mechanic appeared before the Utilities Commission on Tuesday concerned about his identity being stolen too.

“On Friday, I learned by Channel 11 that there was about 25 city employees,” Marshall told the committee.

“I want this clearly and completely investigated,” Watershed Management Commissioner, Jo Ann Macrina said, after the meeting.

“As I was telling you they hadn’t had a chance to hear from us, some of the employees,” Glass told 11Alive News.

They are listening now. It’s part of bigger problems, like the theft of waters meters and equipment that went missing last year. Watershed Management is now being investigated for mismanagement of facilities, major theft, possible water contamination and internal corruption”

And now identity theft. Ms Glass doubts that would have happened if we hadn’t got involved.

“I don’t think it would have happened either but I’m glad you got involved. I think it might be even more because a lot of people had not filed their taxes yet. So the numbers could go up.”

The law department is now investigating.

Article source: http://www.11alive.com/story/news/crime/alert/2014/03/26/watershed-management-identity-theft--tax-returns-investigation/6925393/

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