Two Employees At NYU Dental Fired For Identity Theft Scam

From the shameless bloodhounds at the New York Post: Last summer, the NYPD gave a tip on a credit card scam run by two employees at NYU College of Dentistry. The police uncovered the identity theft scam, wherein the two perpetrators stole credit card information from hundreds of patients and blew six figures before they were caught. How were they caught? Oh, one of them got caught buying pot. When the cops searched his BMW, they found 19 credit cards, which is too many for a person who buys his own pot to have (and also they weren’t his, like obviously).

The NYPD gave the heads-up to NYU College of Dentistry, and the two jerks, ages 24 and 31, were fired shortly after. They face up to a year for each forgery—there were 350 patients, so yikes?—and one of them had a knife, a gun and ammo in his house. So that guy could be in jail for 15 years. Weirdly, the cops also searched the house of NYU Chief of Staff Patricia Graham, because the 24 year-old perp apparently resided there.

Through spokesperson Philip Lentz, NYU commented to the Post, “The college has instituted new procedures to prevent this type of misuse of information from recurring.”

The iffy thing is that NYU didn’t warn patients of the dental scam until the NYPD became involved. NYU officials allege they were unaware of the criminal activity, but the Post claims that victims filed complaints to the school before that happened. The whole “We’re dentists, not detectives” routine. That means the paper gets to sell that NYU “tried to hush up” the identity theft.

Looks like flossing wasn’t the only thing they lied about. Looks like this operation is rinsed. Looks like this operation is a filling story. Looks like this was an unnerving experience. Looks like these cops knew the drill. Looks like these perps need to keep more than their teeth clean.

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