TrustedID Review: What Services Are Offered to Protect Your Identity?

Trusted ID offers a number of products and services to help their customers protect themselves against identity theft. They specialize in monitoring a person’s credit, while at the same time taking additional steps to protect their identity.

The first service they offer is ID Essentials, which includes basic credit monitoring, access to your credit report, and even a score that gives you an idea of a possible identity threat. The ID essentials also offers extra services such as monitoring a customer’s medical benefits or informing you of internet scams and dangerous websites to avoid. The plan is backed by a million dollar warranty plan, and customer service is available by phone if you ever need any help or have any questions. The ID Essentials Family and Individual plans are offered through a 2 week trial membership, with rates ranging from $125.00 to $240.00 a year charged after the first 2 weeks.

Another service offered by is called Credit Lock. This service adds extra protection to your ID Essentials plan. This service simply blocks your credit report from being released to anyone without your permission first. They use all 3 reporting agencies-Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You can control your credit lock by speaking with a customer service representative from, releasing credit reports to third parties upon request. Adding this service to your account costs the same as the ID Essentials service, and comes in discounted family or individual plans with 2 week trial memberships available. also offers “data breach services” to protect employees at different companies or organizations from identity theft. Recently, there has been a huge increase in the number of identity theft victims that have lost millions of dollars when there is a data breach within the company. Using a service called ID Safe, insures that theft during a breach will be minimal, greatly reducing the devastating costs that occur during a breach. You can request a quote for this service by visiting the website online.

One very cool service that is offered by is id theft protection as an employee benefit at a company. Since the consequences of your employees falling victim to id theft can mean hundreds of hours of work to remedy the problem, it his highly recommended that companies offer these benefits to employees. In addition to helping prevent disastrous id theft at the office, offering this benefit to employees will help improve their overall satisfaction with the company they work for. You can visit their website to request a personalized quote for this service.

One of the greatest features of the services offered at Trusted is their family plan offers. Family members will receive tremendous discounts when they are all signed up together on one plan, and offers the first complete plan to protect families with id theft protection. is continuously researching the latest methods of id theft, creating new ways to stay ahead of the criminals who seek to steal personal identities.

So is TrustedID the best Identity protection service you can buy? Why not compare it with other top services like LifeLock, Guard Dog, and Identity guard at Identity Theft Protection. You will be able to compare prices, services, and other bonuses that each service provides. You can also read other users reviews as well.

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