Traffic stop leads to identity theft arrest

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Lorraine Coker knows all too well what it’s like to have your personal information stolen.

“Its real,” Coker said. “It’s going on everyday. Identity theft is real.”

Coker was a victim of identity theft seven years ago.

“They had stole my identity, all in Texas with residence,done bought jewelry, everything,” Coker said. “It’s hard for me because it’s damaging my credit.”

When she heard what Delveccio Norment was charged with, Coker couldn’t resist sharing her frustration.

Norment was in jail Tuesday night, accused of stealing people’s identities and cooking up fake credit cards.

“People steal your identity and use it for their benefit. Not knowing how it’s going to affect you,” Coker said.

Police pulled Morment over at Trezevant and Peres.

A report reveals Norment had nearly one dozen IDs and credit cards with other people’s names on them.

Police said the suspect also had everything he needed to create counterfeit credit cards, including a laptop and card reader.

The Secret Service took over the investigation after Norment reportedly told officers he is a member of a credit/debit card scam ring.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service said the agency deals with dozens of cases similar to Norment’s every year.

The Secret Service said identity theft is not so much a growing problem as it is one that doesn’t seem to subside.

Norment is expected in court Wednesday.

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