Top Three Reasons to Get Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft has become a major problem over the last couple of decades in America. As such people have taken measures to try to protect their identities the best they can from criminal use. One type of service which does this is identity theft protection. Although I highly recommend that you take personal measures to safeguard your defining information, such as your social security number, services such as identity protection have specific uses which you would have difficulty duplicating on your own. We will discuss these uses now.

First, identity theft protection services will send you alerts when any activity occurs on your credit report. This allows you to be aware of illicit activity and take appropriate action.

Second, these services perform a lock down on your credit report. This means that to add items to your report the individual must have a password or other verification tool. You should notice this while you are trying to get credit online. Before the completion of the credit application it will redirect you to a separate page to verify your identity. This page is set up by the protection service.

Third, if somehow and item does end up on your report this service can verify that it was not originated by you and that it should be removed for you. This can streamline the dispute process.

These are all services which are unique to services of this type and in this day of identity theft it is a good idea for everyone to put as many safeguards in place as possible.

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