Tampa Bay Restaurants Hit with Credit Card Theft

It’s not easy running a business these days. In this economy, they are any number of problems that can pop up. For John Christen, an owner of Shell’s Seafood in Tampa, credit card fraud was one he one never saw coming. “I feel for everybody who has to go through the pain of losing a credit card. We’re feeling it a 100 times over,” he said. Shells is one of a few Tampa Bay area spots dealing with a wave of credit card theft; other restaurants where also hit. It turns out it wasn’t a greedy employee with a skimmer stealing the info, but a computer virus that was installed, likely from the outside. In Shell’s case, card numbers were sent to Romania without anyone’s knowledge. Customer losses were in the tens of thousands. “The problem has been solved, which is the big thing,” Christen said. Since finding out, Shell has spent about $2000 locking up, cleaning and protecting their PCs. Other businesses have also taken action to ensure customer safety. “Around mid-December to the end of January is when this whole thing started getting out of control,” said TPD officer Harry Augello. “The majority of these cases are coming from overseas, which makes it difficult for law enforcement,” said Secret Service agent John Joyce. “What I recommend to people is that you monitor your own account…on a regular basis,” Joyce said. Experts say treat your cards as carefully as you would cash, and report issues right away. FOX 13 / WTVT-TV / Tampa, Florida

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Published: 2012-05-15 23:45:26
Tampa Bay Restaurants Hit with Credit Card Theft

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