Talk of the County: ID theft, youth football, honorary street names, more

Not the greatest sport

Why do we support the NFL thugs? Why do we have young kids playing youth football and acting like young thugs? Why are parents letting their kids play a sport that has no mental value and where kids get hurt? Sad that these parents live through their kids.

Find a real job

Minimum wage is earned for work less than a 40-hour week or part-time work. High school kids work after-school hours and moms work when children are at school. So if you need more money, find a real job that pays well.

Honorary street name

I read recently in the Zion-Benton News that Clyde McElmore requested the Zion City Council to rename one block of Galilee Avenue after Joshua Summeries. While my heart hurt for baby Joshua, one has to think about the total picture. How do you rename one block? The people on that block would be inconvenienced by needing to process an address change. Waukegan has application forms for brown “honorary street name plates” that are put under the regular street name. There is a $250 fee which is paid at the time of application. Then the City Council makes a decision. I don’t know if Zion has honorary street signs. If it does, and McElmore wants to honor Joshua; go for it — pull out your wallet!

Think first

Oscar Pistorius is a prime example of how a lot of people behave when they have lethal weapons such as a short fuse, fists, knives, 2x4s, guns or whatever. They react and “shoot” before they think! It’s called being “culpable.”

Vote for nobody

I am a Republican but I cannot support how the Republican party has put Jiesel in place and is running this election. But it is also a shame to see how the Democratic party is using belittling comments against the Republican candidate. Maybe we should vote for nobody.

Invite to ID theft

Voters are cautioned not to toss out supposed campaign material without looking at what was sent. In a mailing supporting the Rauner campaign, my spouse received a “vote by mail” application that had her name, address, precinct, and date of birth already printed on the form. Politics aside, this is an outrageous abuse of one’s personal information. How many of these forms are going to simply be tossed by people who think it’s just another piece of “junk” mail? In the wrong hands, having a person’s name, address, and birthdate is an easy invitation to identity theft.

Free admittance for vets

If the Waukegan Air Show is for the veterans then why don’t they let them in for free. Also, why don’t they accommodate the disabled veterans that aren’t able to get there. I’m sure there would be several people and organizations that would give their time to bring disabled veterans to the show.


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