Smart tips to prevent identity theft

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – With 10 million Americans affected by identity theft every year and the new electronic RFID chips installed in your credit cards and passports, identity theft is unfortunately set to rise. 

Find out how to prevent these thieves from downloading all your personal information.

  1. Protect yourself.  Protect your data from radio frequency theft. Passports and credit cards now contain RFID chips which contain your personal information. Thieves can download this information from up to 10 ft away using an easily bought RFID scanner and you’ll never even know! Make sure when you travel that your documents and credit cards are protected by using an RFID-blocking wallet or pouch!
  2. Put it on hold. Have your mail held at local post office while traveling. While you’re away don’t let mail stack up. It’s easy for people to access your mail and find out all your personal information from bank statements.
  3. Inspect. Check  your credit reports, financial statements and bills. Especially after traveling and as a force of habit anyway, always make sure you check those bills and statements to make sure no extra charges were sneakily put on.
  4. Take what you need.  If you don’t need all four credit cards, don’t take them with you. The more you bring, the more you have to get stolen.
  5. Report it. If you’re cards go missing on holiday, no matter where you are, report them as soon as you can and don’t wait until you get home. The longer they have your cards, the longer they have to help themselves to your cash.


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