Shreveport woman accused of identity theft

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Shreveport woman accused of identity theft
An employee of Dillard’s at Pierre Bossier Mall was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Bossier Parish Sheriff’s deputies on a charge of identity theft.

Constantia D. Bell, 39 of the 5000 block of Francis Street in Shreveport is accused of stealing the identity of an elderly customer and making purchases with her information.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Bell stole checking account information from a customer back in November when Bell worked at the Dillard’s in the Bossier mall. The Sheriff’s office said she also used the stolen information to pay her cable, electric and water bills from November until mid-February amounting to over $1000.

Bell was reportedly questioned earlier in the case, and was later detained. The Sheriff’s office said Bell confessed to detectives that she stole the information and used it three times in Bossier Parish.

Bell is charged with three counts of device fraud, identity theft and theft of business records. Her bond is set at $33,000.

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  1. Asa says:

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