Shred Right, Omaha! Don’t become a victim of identity theft

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV)- It’s one of the fastest growing crimes in America. Million Americans fall victim to identity theft each year. KMTV Action 3 News and Datashield have teamed up for the third straight year to help protect you and your family from falling victim.

“The criminals are out there, the bad guys are out there,” said John Magistro, Data Destruction Manager with Datashield. “They do everything they can to try and get personal information.”

According to the Consumer Federation of America, more than 13 million Americans were impacted by identity theft-related crimes in 2013.

“Identity theft is everywhere, taking those necessary steps, such as what we’re going to do on Saturday, is shred up all that stuff and make sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.” explains Magistro.

Shred Right, Omaha! will be held Saturday, September 27th from 8am-Noon at Westwood Plaza, 125th and Center.

Magistro says every step is taken, from the time you drop off your documents to the time it hits the shredder, to keep your sensitive information private.

“We take very step necessary, that we don’t even see it until after it’s shredded, it stays in locked containers.”

Old checkbooks, billing information from the utility companies, all hold your identity. But so do other documents you may not even think about.

“A lot of junk mail has enough personal information on it from you’re ready to buy a new car to you’re the winner of this sweepstakes, send us your information.” said Magistro.

And it’s not just paper documents. Electronics, like cell phones and hard drives, are loaded with gigabytes of information. Those too, can be destroyed.

“We just shred them into little tiny pieces, less than an inch by an inch, and that’s guaranteed that no information is getting off of there, they are completely destroyed.” adds Magistro.

For more information of identity theft and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim click here.


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