Should Identity Protection Be Mandatory?

If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately you know that identity protection has become big business, especially considering how pervasive the Internet is and how easy it is to steal someone’s identity and by extension, their life. Something to think about is that while this is becoming more and more of an issue, there are still many people that don’t think that it’ll happen to them or that it is necessary.

This begs the question of whether or not identity protection should be made mandatory. Of course, there are those that say that this would be taking away a right to choose. And they are absolutely correct. However, if you figure the amount of time and money that is the last trying to restore someone’s good name, it might make more sense just to have some version of identity protection for everyone regardless of whether they think it’s necessary or not. Naturally, this would have to be government run, and it could be something that would be included in taxes.

Of course, the other option is to leave things as they are now: that is, that people choose individually. This is also a good idea however, they will have to do a lot of research and ensure that the company that pick, will actually be able to preserve their identity and information online.

Ultimately, the question of whether or not identity protection should be a mandatory service, is certainly something we may want to debate the more technologically advanced we become. To do otherwise, is to simply hope that the problem goes away and that is not realistic.

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