Should I be worried about Identity theft?

Should I be worried about Identity theft?

I ran into a problem while filling out information to get my free credit report.
The website I was using is (it is what wells fargo recommended I use). I couldn't verify my identity online so I had to call customer service.
They asked for my social security number, I was skeptical, but the website did say that they would need that to get my account info. So I gave them that and my name. With just that information the rep was able to tell me that they needed more info before they could verify my identity. He told me to fax either a bill, bank statement, or state ID to a number that he gave me. Then when I was about to hang up he asked me to verify my birthdate and email.

Now, I haven't checked my credit score ever before (I have no credit) so I've never dealt with these situations before. But it seemed a little sketchy to me. Firstly, when they asked for the SSN twice. But then when they were asking me to fax my ID to them.
It seems like with that information they could steal my identity.
I just want to make sure that wasn't a fraud or anything.

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