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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The city of Indianapolis provided a free forum for residents on Monday night to teach them about credit card fraud, identity theft and potential schemes.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office hosted the meeting for senior citizens to inform them of schemes going around, and to give them ways to protect themselves.

The meeting covered internet safety, how to handle telemarketers, how to put a security freeze on a credit card and much more.

It’s a crime that doesn’t discriminate, but officials say the elderly are often the target.

“They’re the folks that are home a lot during the day and they tend be a little more trusting of people and it’s not that we want them to not be trusting we just want them to be a little more aware of the different things that people might try to pull on them,” said Cindy Oetjen with the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Officials say the best thing to do when someone asks for personal information is to just hang up and contact the organization or company they say they’re work for, to verify.


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