Reporting identity theft – and online payments?

Reporting identity theft – and online payments?

I do risk management for a company that sells online. When an order comes in, we call the person placing the order so that we an confirm the purchase.

About once a week, we find a customer that has stolen someone's credit card and used it fraudulently, however this happens through PayPal. PayPal doesn't seem to do much about reporting identity theft because PayPal has the name, the shipping address… and after calling some of these frauders up to discuss their actions even weeks or months later, there hasn't been so much as a visit from an office, a letter in the mail, nothing!

My question is this: Since identity theft is a crime, but PayPal isn't reporting it, how can I report it to someone that takes it seriously? e.g. I know that the credit card company would love to know the identity of someone that commits identity theft. They want to press charges. However, I never know what credit card a customer paid with (no details at all) – That is how PayPal works. They don't give details because that makes for consumer protection issues.

If I have details of someone that has committed a crime such as identity theft or payment fraud, how do I submit that information to a place where an investigator is going to find it?

I believe that credit card companies investigate this kind of stuff, however PayPal never helps me to talk to investigators to provide information, and I know PayPal isnt' providing information to investigators because the criminals go without prosecution or any kind of contact.

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