Protect us from identity theft from foreigners

I work at a major insurance agency in Indiana. On July 24, I phoned a major insurance company in Indiana to tell them one of our clients had died and to request the automatic bank draft for premiums be cancelled.

I learned the insurance company had moved much of its customer service call center to Jamaica. 

This is bad for Americans and especially for senior citizens. Allowing people in other countries to view and use sensitive private information about Americans can easily lead to identity theft crimes in which U. S. law enforcement officials are unable to track and arrest the guilty parties.

Senior citizens are especially vulnerable to such crimes because their identity information is routinely shared by phone and over the Internet to process medical claims.

Laws and regulations to stop the use of foreigners for call centers or other such services in foreign countries in which sensitive personal information is shared should be enacted immediately. 

– Woodrow Wilcox, Griffith

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