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ATLANTA – Last Friday, we reported 25 employees of Atlanta’s Watershed Management department had been victims of identity theft. Now, the department is facing an investigation from the city about theft on many fronts.

There’s been a lot of smoke, and now there’s fire. The watershed department is being investigated for various issues, seemingly unrelated. But its employees have claimed a culture of mistrust, and now the city is getting involved.

“I want this clearly and completely investigated,” said Atlanta Watershed Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina.

And complete, it will be. The Watershed Management department will be investigated for mismanagement of facilities, major theft, possible water contamination and internal corruption.

“We’re talking about the thefts that’s going on, the cameras not working, the contamination, the equipment sharing,” said Gina Pagnotti-Murphy, president of PACE.

The thefts refer to water meters and equipment that went missing late last year. They also refer to employees’ identities.

“It’s craziness,” said meter mechanic Clinton Marshall. “It’s craziness.”

Earlier this month, Marshall tried to file his taxes and was rejected. He didn’t tell the city, but then —

“On Friday, I learned by Channel 11, that there was about 25 city employees,” Marshall said.

Twenty-five Watershed employees, whose identifications had been stolen.

“I was now the 26th person from the Watershed department itself, and that’s what concerns me,” Marshall said. “Only the department.”

The department is now facing an investigation, internal and external. Its commissioner Tuesday morning faced the city council and, then, our questions.

“Are you concerned this is giving your department a bad name?” asked 11Alive’s Matt Pearl.

“Of course, I’m concerned about that,” Macrina said. “I am more than happy that we are going to be investigating this even deeper. I welcome that.”

As for who will be conducting this investigation, the city attorney, city auditor, and APD will each look into various issues. The city attorney has even requested outside counsel to help.

Article source: http://www.11alive.com/story/news/local/downtown/2014/03/25/possible-id-theft-watershed-management/6887545/

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