Police say identity theft suspect arrested in Kennewick is ‘prolific’

A Bellevue man arrested in Kennewick shortly after being featured on the TV show Washington’s Most Wanted is described by police as a “prolific” identity thief with an affinity for Mickey Mouse.

Patrick A. McCabe, 43, was the leader of a theft ring that stole identification cards and credit cards from more than 100 victims, said Bellevue police spokesman Seth Tyler.

He was arrested Wednesday by members of the Kennewick Criminal Apprehension Team while sleeping at a house on the 1200 block of Canyon Lakes Drive.

Police found more than 120 fake IDs and stolen credit cards, several hundred forged checks and Social Security cards in early July in a Bellevue apartment connected to McCabe, Tyler said.

One of the IDs sported a smiling picture of Mickey Mouse, listing the iconic cartoon figure at 5-foot-2 and 110 pounds, with an address of 1313 South Disneyland Drive.

The Mickey ID gained attention from media across the state and nation. Police say it was created as an example to show others how to produce the fakes.

“He had a machine that was making the IDs that had a hologram on it,” Tyler said. “It looked just like a Washington ID.”

Authorities tracked McCabe to the Canyon Lakes house after he was featured in an episode of Washington’s Most Wanted, which originally aired July 19.

A Crime Stoppers tip line was set up and a cash reward offered for information leading to McCabe’s arrest. An informant told authorities McCabe was staying with family in the Tri-Cities area.

Bellevue police contacted local police, who eventually found McCabe hiding out in the Kennewick house. McCabe — who was wanted on 13 felony counts of identity theft — was arrested without incident.

Four other people were arrested at the Bellevue apartment for outstanding warrants and theft. Police searched the apartment after neighbors called about stolen construction signs in the patio. It’s unclear if all of the people arrested are connected to the theft ring, though three fake IDs were found on one suspect, Tyler said.

The suspects would break into mailboxes and cars to steal victims’ personal information and credit cards, Tyler said. McCabe would then allegedly make a fake ID with his picture and the victims’ personal information to defraud them.

“He would go out and cash checks or use stolen credit cards, then give his accomplices a share of the proceeds,” Tyler said.

McCabe was booked into the Benton County jail following his arrest and is headed back to King County to face charges. He was not listed as an inmate at the jail Thursday.

— Tyler Richardson: 509-582-1556; trichardson@tricityherald.com; Twitter: @Ty_richardson

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