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An 11-year-old case of identity theft was only just unearthed after a woman approached Upper Allen Township police in August with suspicions about her credit history, police said.

After examining her credit history, the victim discovered her score was suffering from late or overdue payments for a cell phone account she told police she did not open, said township police Detective Ryan Parthemore. Police took the victim’s statements back to Verizon Wireless and determined the account was opened back in September of 2002, Parthemore said.

“So the account was opened using the victim’s name and social security number, but they were sending the billing and statements to an address in Harrisburg,” Parthemore said.

From there, police linked the Harrisburg address to a former acquaintance of the victim’s, 56-year-old Linda C. Reid, Parthemore said. Reid used to live in Upper Allen, but was living in Enola when police linked her to the case, police said.

The victim told police she had not given Reid permission to use her information to open any accounts and a warrant for Reid’s arrest was issued Feb. 2, according to court records and police. Reid was taken into custody Wednesday.

“I can’t speak to this exact case, but based on similar investigations this would be somebody who doesn’t have a credit score high enough to get an account on their own,” Parthemore said, explaining that, without high enough credit, customers can find themselves limited to what types of phones or plans they are allowed access to by service companies.

So far as police know, Reid did not steal any money from the victim to pay for the account, which was only discovered after Reid apparently began missing payments fairly recently.

Reid was charged with one count each of identity theft and theft by deception, according to court records. She was released on unsecured $2,000 bail and was scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing March 7, records indicate. 

Article source: http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2014/02/police_investigation_into_susp.html

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