Photo leads to identity theft arrest in Santa Cruz

Deputies said this photo shows Genevra Marie Migliores hands holding a stolen drivers license. (Contributed -- Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz A 35-year-old Santa Cruz woman was arrested on suspicion of identity theft and burglary Wednesday after investigators matched a cellphone picture of her fingertips to her fingerprints on file from a previous arrest.

About 3:30 p.m., Dec. 28, Genevra Marie Migliore stole items from a Honda CRV on the 1400 block of Highway 1 south of Davenport, said Santa Cruz County sheriff’s deputy Ryan Kennedy.

Migliore then drove her Chevy van to the 900 block of Mission Street in Santa Cruz where she collided with another vehicle, deputies said. After the crash, she talked to the other driver and they exchanged contact information.

Genevra Migliore

But instead of showing her own driver’s license, Migliore showed a driver’s license that she stole from the Honda, Kennedy said. The photo on the license showed a 41-year-old San Francisco woman, and the other driver took a picture of Migliore’s hands holding the license.

The other driver thought the driver’s license was suspicious — because it didn’t match Migliore’s face — and the driver later told authorities about it and gave them the picture of the Migliore’s hand holding the license.

From that sharp, color picture of Migliore’s hands, criminalists in the Sheriff’s Office could spot ridges in Migliore’s fingertips. Further investigation led to suspicion of Migliore in the Honda break-in case, and authorities matched her fingertip ridges and other defining finger characteristics to Migliore’s fingerprints on file from a prior arrest, Kennedy said.

It took criminalists several months to analyze the photo because the case was lower priority and because Sheriff’s Office criminalists are busy handling cases for all law enforcement agencies in Santa Cruz County, Kennedy said.

The stolen driver’s license held in the photo has not been recovered by authorities, Kennedy said.

Wednesday, Migliore was arrested on suspicion of identity theft and felony burglary, authorities said. She remained in Santa Cruz County Jail on Thursday in lieu of $10,000 bail, according to jail records.

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