Phone companies alerted to identity theft: Moreland Hills Police Blotter



IDENTITY THEFT, SOM CENTER ROAD: A former village resident now living in Sherman Oaks, Calif., reported April 19 someone has been opening cell phone accounts in his name, using his old address and applying online through Verizon and Sprint, as well as an unsuccessful attempt through T-Mobile. In clearing up the fraud, the cell phone companies requested there be a police report on file.

DRIVING UNDER SUSPENSION/SPEEDING, CHAGRIN BOULEVARD: A Parma man, 18, was pulled over April 13 shortly before 1 a.m. near Bentleyville Road, where police clocked him driving 54 mph in a 35-mph zone in a van registered to a Cleveland mortuary service. He explained he was on his way to pick up a body in Chagrin Falls, but police noted he had a “non-compliance” license suspension, which prohibited him from driving. He then called two co-workers in the area to come pick him — and the van — up.

GUN SHOTS, DEER RUN: A resident reported the afternoon of April 20 he had heard five or six shots fired from what sounded like a small caliber handgun, to the north of him, possibly in Hunting Valley.

SUSPICION, CHAGRIN RIVER ROAD: A resident reported hearing a dog barking, then a chainsaw going, and then what sounded like a tree falling from a wooded area on the evening of April 21. Police said they found nothing.

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