Operation Shredding to protect identity theft

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – The stormy weather didn’t keep hundreds of people from coming out to WPTV’s Operation Shredding on Thursday.

Eunice Twiggs owns a business and knows the importance of protecting your identity. While she has never had her identity stolen, she didn’t want to start now.

“We try our best to keep everything as private as possible and this is a very good way to keep it private, shred it!,” she said.

Edward Umberger also waited in line to shred his documents,

“I have my old tax documents here, I have to make sure that nobody gets anything. You can’t put it into the trash because somebody will get it,” he said.

He knows all too well what identity theft is. “I was told by my bank that somebody stole my ID.”

He’s not alone, in fact Florida ranks number one in identity theft. That’s why it’s so important to shred all your documents.

Inside the shred-mobile, the yellow bins full of documents were dumped into a chamber while a rotating axle grinded away at the papers, shredding them to bits and pieces.

When the trucks were full, they were taken by the Solid Waste Authority for recycling.

“Folks are having their identities protected by the shred, it also being recycled so they’re protecting their identity and helping the environment and it’s a great service,” said Susan Chapman of the Solid Waste Authority.

At Operation Shredding, set up at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, more than 90,000 pounds of paper were shredded. And more than 500 recycling bins were handed out.

For those who waited in line, it was worth every penny.

Ed says, “I don’t keep a lot of money so I can’t lose a lot but I hate to lose any.”



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