Nutley Police Charge Man With Identity Theft, Fraud

Nutley police say a Bronx man tried to use falsified
documents and cards to cash a bad check at a Nutley bank.

On Saturday, Oct. 19, bank employees called police after Nevelle
Grant, 30, tried to cash a fraudulent check.

Grant reportedly gave police a fake identity and provided personal
documents, including a fake license and social security card as well as an AARP
card and MasterCard, attesting to that identity. He reportedly insisted the
check was written to him and signed by the rightful owner.

Police said Grant’s identity was revealed and he was
arrested and charged with two counts of false government documents (the fake
license and social security card), forgery, bad checks, impersonation/theft of
identity and hindering.

Grant’s Bail was set at $25,000 with 10 percent option. When
he was unable to post bail he was taken to Essex County Jail.

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