Nipomo Man Warns Against Possible Identity Theft

NIPOMO, Calif. –

A Nipomo man says there is postcard fraud going around his neighborhood and wants others to be aware of it.

John Norback received a postcard in the mail claiming he won $100, and when he called the number on the card he was asked to pay $1.

Norback said, “They told me there will be a $1 charge to bring the gift to you, and I said OK, I’ll pay by cash, and he responded no we only take plastic, and that was a warning to me.”

 Norback,84, believes he was targeted because he is a senior citizen. He said he’s dealt with a scam before. “Years ago somebody got a hold of my credit number, it was caught by the credit card company and I changed credit cards,” Norback said. has tips for seniors.

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