Need help about WGA in windows 7?

Need help about WGA in windows 7?

ok, so i bought my laptop last christmas and its a window 7 home premium installed already, and now today, it suddenly popped up a window that from Microsoft, and an agent in microsoft said that they found “suspicious” activities on my computer and that i have to give him my verification by give him the billing address and a credit card number or otherwise they will send me a fine of $45,000. he said if i dont believe him then just contact microsoft, and that if i try to uninstall microsoft or something, then my computer will be disabled. i was so scared that i turned it off, but later i turn it on again and it still works, but i think if i connect it to internet then the window pop back up again and that guy kept asking me have i whether made my decision or not yet to “pay”, he said i have to pay him the amount of $3 at first for his time talking to me and later $4 because the time went up. so im really confused, help me please, he said he has my IP address and WGA number, and he actually gave the right WGA # in my laptop. and now suddenlly i cant connect to my internet anymore, i mean it cant be no longer wireless, i have to connect direct to the modenm, im using my sister's laptop right now, btw

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