My Lifelock Review of the Identity Theft Protection Service

The numbers are staggering, every 3 seconds someone becomes another victim of identity theft. With the threat of identity theft growing day by day,Identity theft protection services like Lifelock have become quite popular. Lifelock is a company that promises to prevent identity theft from happening. The question is, does it work?

How does Lifelock prevent identity theft?

Lifelock takes several measures on behalf of its customers to prevent Identity Theft.

Lifelock will contact all the major credit bureaus and ask them to place fraud alerts for you.

They will then repeat this process every 90 days automatically. This is something that can be done free by anyone Lifelock admits, but it would be a major hassle to have to update the fraud alert every 90 days.

Lifelock will also remove you from all the annoying junk mail offers that fill up our mailbox on a regular basis (atleast my mailbox anyway) and they will also make sure you are taken off all the pre approved credit card offers that are extremely annoying.

Customers of lifelock will also be sent a free credit report from all the major credit bureaus so you know exactly where you stand with your credit.

Lifelock boasts that anyone that that becomes a victim of identity theft while a customer will receive up to $1 million dollars in compensation. This leads many to believe that if they are victimized they will get $1 million dollars. It is important to read the fineprint with this offer. You will discover that you will receive any damages that you suffer if you become an ID theft victim. They will also pay any legal fees to regain your “good name”, but in most cases this will not amount to 1 million dollars (atleast not in my case sadly)

It seems to me that lifelock is more of an insurance policy than an identity theft protection service For 9 bucks a month, I can see where it could help some people sleep at night.

This is my Lifelock review, I hope you enjoyed it.

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