Middletown woman unable to see, walk becomes ‘product of identity theft’

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — Middletown parents recently learned their disabled daughter’s social security number was stolen, and that someone tried to file a tax return in her name.

Kiley Conrad was born without eyes or optic nerves. She is unable to walk and has the cognitive ability of a child, and her parents just can’t understand how someone could violate their daughter’s privacy.

“She’s precious and having her has been everything to me, she’s just the joy of my life. She’s my heart,” Kiley’s mother, Marla Conrad said.

Marla and Cecil Conrad received a letter from the Ohio Department of Taxation Friday. The note asked for more information on Kiley’s tax return, which was filed jointly with someone by the name of James Ponder.

“First thing I thought about was how did they get Kiley’s name, social security number, address?” Marla said. “It came to our house so I thought why would anybody do that and send it to our home?”

Marla then called the Department of Taxation to try and get to the bottom of things.

“She asked me all kinds of questions and she came back on the line and said she (Kiley) is what is the product of identity theft,” Marla said.

Cecil said his family’s plate is already full, without the identity theft’s burden adding to it.

“We’ve got enough to worry about without having some person come in to try to take away her freedom and all that,” he said. “A lot of people get their returns through direct deposit. The money can quickly come to them and they can transfer it and before you know it, it is impossible to get the money back.”

Marla has taken plenty of precautions, but her bank told her she may need to get more protection.

“There’s just so many ways for people to get your information anyway and I don’t really know if anybody is really safe truly,” she said.

The state said the other person on the return might be a victim, too, because he could have filed a false return.

Article source: http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/butler-county/middletown/hamilton-woman-with-disability-becomes-product-of-identity-theft

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