Melissa McCarthy And Jason Bateman Team Up For ‘Identity Theft’

You didn’t even know you needed a Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman pairing, did you? But you do and Identity Theft is here. Or rather, here in February 2013.

Identity Theft stars Bateman as Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a buttoned-up office drone in Colorado who pays his bills ontime and is startled when he’s told the credit card he uses only for coffee and gas has reached its limit. McCarthy also stars as Sandy Bigelow Patterson, the Florida succubus who has ganked his identity and is carpet bombing his credit score.

McCarthy is done up to perfection with a wild mess of flyaway ginger hair, garish Floridian-inspired makeup, and tacky outfits that must have been so much fun for the wardrobe department to put together. She has self-righteous obliviousness down pat. It occurred to me — as a person who writes for a living online — that her next great role might be “Internet troll.” (She might have too good personal hygiene for that, however.)


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