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Shredding your sensitive documents is one great way to protect your identity, but ID theft takes many forms and shredding doesn’t handle every problem.

It’s a lesson that hits especially close to home for us here at KWQC after our own meteorologist Greg Dutra learned someone on social media was pretending to be him.

“You want your name to be yours,” said Greg Dutra.

Dutra said it’s something he never thought would happen, someone impersonating him online with fake accounts using his name to meet women.

“I didn’t know how much information this person had, the last thing I want them to know is my mailing address and go ahead and get credit cards and ruin my credit or happen to lure one of these people that he was talking to out somewhere and do harm to them,” said Dutra.

Dutra first found out someone was pretending to be him, two months ago…

“I posted a message on Twitter that had my girlfriend tagged in it and a few moments later I got a direct message from a girl who was upset because she thought that I hadn’t told her that I had a girlfriend from conversations that we allegedly had on Facebook,” said Dutra.

That conversation on Facebook never happened with Greg but with another man… 24 year old Matthew Wendt. He was arrested on two charges of identity theft, pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

Davenport police said they traced back the IP addresses to Wendt’s home and work computers.

“If you’re doing something on the computer and you think you’re going to get away with it, it’s pretty unlikely,” said Chief Frank Donchez of the Davenport Police Department.

Police said Matthew Wendt was using social media to make people believe he was someone he wasn’t.

“They may have given personal information or personal photographs thinking they were talking to Greg, when they were talking to some guy who lives in Davenport and works in Muscatine,” said Chief Donchez.

He said identity theft is common, but there are other types of internet crime as well besides just stealing someone’s credit card number to buy things.

That’s why it’s important to be smart, when you’re meeting people online.

“Don’t reveal too much personal information until you know exactly who you’re dealing with and if you are going to meet people in person, I would recommend you do it in a public venue somewhere you’re safe and there are a lot of people around,” said Chief Donchez.

He said they have a high success rate for solving internet crime cases in Davenport, with two full time forensic detectives. He said online activity is often recorded, even if you think it’s been deleted.

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