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Identity theft…  In today’s online-cyber world it’s something all of us have to keep a watchful eye out for.

To that end Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan held a roundtable discussion on consumer fraud and identity theft earlier in Decatur.

There she discussed the three tips she gives people…

First– set up transactions alerts on your account so you’ll be notified when suspicious charges arise.

Second– always review your bank and credit card statements

And lastly– check copies of your credit report regulary for suspicious activity.

“By using their cards so often, every single time a company has that information there’s the potential that there’s going to be a cyber criminal out there that’s trying to get that information and sell it to someone on the internet that’s going to then try to start using it,” said Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General.

Madigan says that over the last few years her office has processed 40,000 people seeking help with fraud.

The Attorney General’s office says it’s helped more than 35,000 people remove $26 million in fraudulent charges from their accounts.
Madigan Hosts Identity Theft Discussion

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