Lawsuit accuses Roti restaurant chain of putting diners at risk for ID theft

Two consumers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Roti Modern Mediterranean, claiming the chain prints too many digits of customer credit card numbers on sales receipts, a practice they say puts diners at risk for identity theft and credit card fraud.

The complaint, filed Dec. 16 in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges that Roti is violating a federal law prohibiting companies from printing more than the last five digits of a debit or credit card on a sales receipt. Roti allegedly printed the first six and last four digits.

“Somebody would only have to figure out those other six digits to have a full card,” said Paul Markoff, partner at Markoff Leinberger, the firm representing the plaintiffs in the case.

Roti is a fast-casual restaurant that serves Mediterranean food. It operates 12 locations in Illinois, with one more set to open soon, according to its website.

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