Law Enforcement Alert You To Identity Theft

Residents in the Clarksburg have said that their mailboxes and garbage cans are being broken into and they think things are being stolen from them, possibly their identity.  

These residents wanted to remain anonymous, but said they were concerned for the safety of not only their identities but others in the community.

Sheriff Albert Marano said fraud and identity theft are very serious crimes that you can go to jail for. He said to be safe, make sure you shred any important documents that you no longer need.

In regards to your mail, try to collect it as quickly as possible. If you can’t get to it soon, have a friend or neighbor hold it for you, especially if you’re going on vacation. Or if you’re going away for a while, contact the post office to put your mail on hold.

Law enforcement said they encourage neighborhood watches as well. Sheriff Marano told 5 News whenever they get an incident report like this, they do all they can.

“We try to follow up on it as best we can. Sometimes we follow up on it and it’s a long term investigation and other times we hit a dead end fairly quickly. We’ll try to work any investigation or any reported crime as far as we can and hopefully make an arrest as quickly as possible,” said Sheriff Marano. 

Sheriff said typically if a situation involves mail, they’ll work with the Postal Inspector to get to the bottom of it.

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