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LLC DBA » Identity Theft Is A Like A Bad Dream That Never Seems To End

Identity theft is a growing problem. Millions of Americans become victims each year. Identity theft occurs when an individual steals your personal information. e.g., social security number, banking info, etc., for criminal purposes. …

Business Identity Theft: Five Ways to Prevent and Detect

Do you believe you and your companys identity are safe? Think again! Identity theft is a crime that impacts the lives of over 10 million consumers each. … Protect company information online – One of the sure fire ways to put your company at risk is by using sensitive information like an employer identification number (EIN), account numbers, financial documents, or personal information via email or the web. If you must provide this information for a specific reason like …

Attorney General warns of identity theft as predator pleads guilty …

SACRAMENTO – A Citrus Heights computer hacker pleaded guilty to seven felony charges for breaking into hundreds of women's e-mail accounts, the sort of identity theft crime that Californians should take steps to protect themselves … CHP and attorney general agents were able to use location tagging information embedded on the photographs on Bronk's hard drive to assist in identifying victims, and e-mailed 3200 questionnaires to potential victims asking them to come …

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