Jailed man is accused of ID theft across the country


A man whose home was raided last week by law enforcement officers is accused of stealing people’s identities and buying merchandise worth thousands of dollars, despite being out on bond on a theft charge filed last July.  Greene County prosecutors say David Patton, whose “criminal history spans from California to Virginia,” has been charged with seven new felonies since being charged and released on bond in Greene County last August.  They expect the raid on his home at 3744 W. Wilderness Road to result in “multiple new felony offenses.”

Patton was charged last July with theft in Greene County.  On Aug. 2, he posted a $2,500 bond, and was ordered to “obey all laws and make all required court appearances.”  In a motion in that case and others to revoke Patton’s bond and keep him in jail, prosecutors say he has failed to satisfy either bond requirement.

Law enforcement officers served a search warrant on Patton’s home on June 11.  The Greene County Sheriff’s Department helped another agency with that raid but wouldn’t identify the agency.  The officers serving the warrant drove unmarked cars.  It appeared they carried out electronic equipment from the home but no officer at the scene would talk to reporters about what they were doing.

Neighbors of the home on Wilderness said police have been to the home several times, and often drove by the home, possibly to see if Patton was at home.  Neighbors also said several people – apparently identity theft victims — have knocked on their doors to warn them that their neighbor steals mail to help him steal identities.  They also described visitors coming to the home at all hours of the day and night.

Law enforcement officers have not yet filed a document in Greene County Circuit Court that says what they seized and the reason for requesting the search warrant.  State law requires that document to be filed within 10 days of a raid, although sometimes the document is kept secret to the public so an ongoing investigation isn’t jeopardized.

In their motion to keep Patton in jail, however, prosecutors gave a hint about the raid.  They said police recovered “merchandise that had been purchased with credit cards the Defendant had obtained using other peoples’ identities.”  They also said police “found records showing Defendant has continued to steal identities, buying thousands of dollars worth of merchandise and trading that merchandise for cash and drugs.”

At the time of the raid at the home between Springfield and Battlefield, Patton was in jail in Jasper County after being arrested on a warrant from Rogers, Ark., on a charge of identity theft (financial identity fraud).  A few days later, Jasper County sent Patton back to Greene County, where he was in the county jail on Monday.

Greene County prosecutors said in their motion that Patton has posted $250,000 in total bonds but “has continued to violate the law committing multiple felonies, repeatedly failed to appear and failed to make his required court appearances.  Defendant has even incurred a new felony in the State of Mississippi.”  The motion details the seven new charges and at least four missed court appearances in the last 10 months, and notes he’s charged with fleeing from law enforcement as far back as 2004.

The seven new charges against Patton include unlawful use of a weapon in Greene County, forgery in Greene County, forgery and fraudulent use of a credit device in Greene County, forgery in Jasper County, possession of methamphetamine in Wayne County, Miss., and an arrest (with no charge yet) on June 1 in Texas County.

“Defendant has proven repeatedly that no amount of bond is going to insure his appearance. More importantly, Defendant has proven that no amount of bond is going to insure he abide by the law. As long as Defendant remains out of jail, he continues to commit felonies and victimize the citizens of Greene County and other jurisdictions,” prosecutors say in their motion.

Circuit Judge Dan Conklin has scheduled a bond revocation hearing for Wednesday on two of Patton’s cases for theft and forgery.  Associate Circuit Judge Jason Brown scheduled a bond revocation hearing for Sept. 4 on another of Patton’s case for forgery and fraudulent use of a credit device.  Bond revocation hearings are not yet scheduled on a couple of other cases.

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