Identity Theft Threatens Borger Residents

AMARILLO — Borgers seen a spike in identity theft.

Borger police have joined forces with the secret service to crack down on these criminals.

We spoke with Borger police and residents to find out how it impacts their community.

“Yes, I am very worried because I do a lot of Christmas shopping. I mean I use my card all the time. So, I mean what do you do about something like that?”

Borger resident Gloria Contreras is weary of going holiday shopping.

While she hasn’t been a victim to identity theft, 16 people in Borger have and police say that number is likely to rise.

“It’s a lot of cases for one community, we’re still getting them today,” Borger Police Captain, Bruce Roberts said.

The suspects are stealing identities through the use of your credit or debit card.

Police say they’re trying to figure out how the criminals obtain that information.

“It’s hard to say how they get these credit card numbers, some of it is computers, you know we live in a day where everything is computerized, records, everything. Some of it could be online shopping,” Borger Police Lieutenant, Anthony Griffin said.

Right now the case is primarily in the hands of the Secret Service.

That’s because it crosses state lines.

“These people are not bias to a certain selective, you know you get a number and they use it. It’s a really devastating crime because of the financial impact it puts on families, our citizens our community – especially this time of year,” Griffin said.

Lieutenant Griffin says that it isn’t uncommon for criminals to steal your identity during this time of year.

So it’s important to keep tabs on your banks accounts.

If you, or someone you know is the victim of identity theft, contact your bank and file a report with your police department.

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