Identity Theft – Technologies, Risks, and Responsibilities

While providing a brief background on Identity Theft, the focus of this one-hour web seminar is on the impact of new technologies, the associated risks, and banks’ responsibilities. It also discusses a brief example of how a bank offered an Identity Theft product as a service to its customers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the basic characteristics of Identity Theft, history, types, trends.
  • Why is this an issue for banks and their customers?
  • What are four relevant technologies and associated risks?
  • Describe the related actions to mitigate damage.
  • What are banks’ role and responsibilities, where do they end and customers’ begin?
  • Example – Bank’s experience offering a partner’s financial service to its’ customers

Course Instructor:
Al Eng, CitiGroup
– former senior executive for almost 30 years at CitiGroup, Al has a strong track record in identifying and growing successful new banking and investment businesses. His career includes extensive experience in strategy, innovation and product development, and marketing.

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