Identity theft suspect arrested, police searching for more victims

Police say a convicted felon was living the high life by skimming other people’s credit cards.

They say Josue Morales went on shopping sprees at high-end stores. But ultimately he may have ripped off the wrong guys, including a commander with the Orange County Sheriff’s office and a retired Orlando Police officer.

So far they have identified 32 victims and more may be coming.

“Basically what he is doing is he is using servers at restaurants. The one instance that we know of, a server at Too Jay’s restaurant [on East Colonial Drive] would take people’s credit card information, use a handheld device and obtain their credit card information before returning the card back to the victim,” said police spokesman Sergeant Jim Young.

Police say Josue Morales would take the card info, then recreate duplicate cards with his name, and then hit the malls.

“One of the stores that was identified was Saks Fifth Avenue, we were able to confirm he was using the card at Saks, and we believe there are several more,” said Sgt. Young.

We spoke with management from Too Jays about Morales’ illegal connection within the restaurant.

“We had set up the employee in question to come in an hour early for their shift and have an interview with OPD. After that interview was conducted she left in handcuffs and we felt like we had everything we need to terminate immediately,” said Christopher Seymour, Too Jay’s regional supervisor.

It seems the duo scammed the worst possible targets — two former law enforcement agents.

“The guest notified me that he used to be with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department,” said Seymour.

Another victim was a former Orlando Police officer.

Police raided Morales’ apartment Monday and say they found evidence of his extravagant shopping sprees, buying among other things, jewelry, clothes and even Gucci shoes.

“A lot of property was recovered in his apartment and a lot of evidence in how he would make these cards and continue his criminal enterprise,” said Sgt. Young.

Police say the also recovered a stolen gun at his apartment.

Police say Morales has a history of gun violence, escape and identity theft.

If you think you have been victimized, call Orlando Police Department at 407-246-2470.

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