Identity theft ring bought designer goods from Saks, prosecutors say – WABC

At least five people are being charged with being part of an identity theft ring that used stolen information to buy hundreds of designer bags and shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship store.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance says the ring purchased over $400,000 worth of shoes, bags and accessories.

Prosecutors say the ringleader obtained Social Security numbers and other personal information from over 20 Saks credit card holders.

Prosecutors say the information was provided to four salespeople, who’d use it to look up account numbers and ring up the fraudulent sales of Chanel, Valentino and other designer items.

They say other accomplices would allegedly pick up the items, posing as the shoppers. Prosecutors say some items were sold on the black market.

Prosecutors credit Saks with initiating the investigation.

Saks issued the following statement:

“In September 2014, five Saks Associates were arrested in connection with credit card fraud involving 6 individuals using stolen credit card information. The incident impacted 22 Saks customers. All customers have been notified and their accounts have been restored. The incident involved several retailers, and there was no compromise to the security of Saks Fifth Avenue’s networks or systems. Customer security is our utmost priority and we take these matters seriously. Saks is continuing to cooperate with authorities handling this matter. As this is an open investigation, any questions should be directed to the Manhattan DA’s Communications Office at (212) 335-9400.”

(Some information for this story is from the Associated Press.)

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