Identity Theft Protection – Basic Steps You Can Take Today

Start by developing a personal and /or family security plan for identity theft including all information, and solutions available to you. A personal security plan prevents identity theft and exploits theft.

Having theft protection and/or response plans is extremely useful. It is crucial to shred all of your bills and bank statements. When shredding your important documents make sure to use a cross cutting shredder, so that it will be difficult for thieves to obtain your information. Using a basic shred instead of a cross cuter shred is leaving the door open to take your information. Today identity thieves are skilled at piecing documents back together. If you become a victim of Identity theft fraud, a properly prepared response plan will save you time, money and heartache and recovery. PPL Identitytheft Shield, with their identity restoration can be a valuable part of your response plan. It is also a good idea to get a secure mailbox so no one will have access to your mail.

It’s great to have a credit monitoring service. Good identity theft protection and credit monitoring service, like PPL Identitytheft shield, can provide you peace of mind so you won’t have to worry about the next data break-in or news headline about the latest instance of Internet theft protection. That’s when you would incorporate theft protection. You’re covered!

It is time to lock down your computer with security software. You may not have done it because of sheer lack of knowledge. However, in the 21st century, every computer should have its own Security Pack with a good firewall, virus protection that is up to date, including a spyware protection, spam filtering, data encryption, and strong passwords to help safeguard you from Internet theft. If you know where to look, it’s all free.

It a great idea to treat your Social Security Number like your Grandma’s secret recipe that everybody wants. Committing you’re Social Security Number to memory is one of the most important measures you can take in preventing identity theft. Your Social Security Number is the entrance door to your personal credit information a treasure that identity thieves look for. So why are you just waiting until you need theft protection, intend you getting it before you need it.

Beware of internet theft, where they use bogus emails, pretending to be from your bank or other trusted company, request account passwords or other personal information. It is extremely important to go directly to the website to enter your information.

Beware of another type of internet theft called phaming, which uses bogus websites that look like your bank and have similar URLs that you may land on if you mistype the intended Internet address. Make sure to look at the address bar to make sure you are going to the site you are tiring to go too. This is another way to help with theft protection.

Beware of pre-recorded telephone messages with is also called phowning. Live operator pretending to be from a bank or Credit Card Company that “warn” you about a bogus theft.

So start today to begin your identity theft protection.

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