Identity theft protection approved for firefighters

ALGOOD — As questions continue to swirl as to how the personal information of members of the Algood fire department got out, one step was taken to protect that information last night as the Algood council approved putting identity theft protection in place for those people affected for the next five years at a rate of $14.95 per month per firefighter.

A clarification was also made to the police report involving the matter.

“In no way did I ever tell Keith (Morrison, city administrator) that I got those documents from the Mainords or even saw the documents at their office,” Mayor Scott Bilbrey said following last night’s meeting. “I don’t know where those files came from. People were handing me so many files when I was out campaigning.”

The clarification to the report was added late Monday and filed the following day to reflect that Bilbrey had not observed or received the list of personal information from David or Judy Mainord.

“Judy and I have absolutely nothing to do with the issue,” David Mainord said in a statement to the Herald-Citizen this morning.

Bilbrey also noted that the policy of unedited files being given to elected officials in packets needs to be looked at in the near future by the entire council. According to City Recorder Vaughan Larson, council members have a right to the unedited files, but if requested for personal reasons, any personnel information would have to be removed.

A total of 23 firefighters were affected by this, with many of those named currently not active in the department, including one deceased person.

Bilbrey insists no other personal information on city employees are in the box of documents he received.

In other business, members were appointed to the board of zoning appeals. They include current chairman Loyd Norris to serve until October 2017, Evelyn Glover to serve until October 2015 and council member Dr. Richard Heard to serve until October 2017. One vacancy is left and current member Hugh Adams remains with the term expiring next October.

Council members Carolyn Norris and Heard abstained from the vote.

City administrator Morrison was appointed to the Rail Trail board, while Kirk Dyer was re-appointed to serve on the planning commission.

Security Fence won the bid to put a six foot fence with a 10 foot six inch gate along the back of city hall at a price of $4,385, three vehicles were declared surplus property, and a resolution supporting passage of Amendment 1 on the Nov. 4, 2014, general election also passed.

The amendment to the Rail Trail agreement was also approved, pulling Monterey out of the agreement and grant match obligations and combining the 2011 transportation enhancement grant with the existing grant.

The policies and procedures for the HOME grant were also approved, with meetings set for later this month into early November.

The Algood council is set to meet again Nov. 18 at 6 p.m. due to the regular meeting date being Veterans Day.

A worksession will be held the Monday prior at 5 p.m.

The public is invited to attend all meetings.


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