Identity Theft On a College Campus


Officials say identity theft on a college campus may be an issue for some in Indiana.

Authorities say the names, addresses and social security numbers of about 146,000 students and recent graduates of seven Indiana University campuses may have been exposed.

Some Missouri State University students say they couldn’t never imagine their personal information getting out, especially from the school they attend.

“It’s definitely a scary thought, I’ve screen a movie about it, you see it on the news a lot, a very real which makes it even more scary, the things that they can do with your social security number is pretty much immeasurable,” says Ashely Chuch, the junior from Illinois.

Stephanie Brodwater says her parents explained to her the importance of her social security number at a very young ago.

“My parents have told me when I was younger like don’t give it out to anybody, make sure that if you do write it down for like a job or school that it is secure and your school or employer knows what’s going to happen with that,” says Brodwater.

Ryan Campbell, a junior from Kansas City, Mo. says he has enough on his plate as a student without having to deal with identify theft.

“I just think they should try there hardest to get that information back because school already adds enough stress to your life that you shouldn’t have to stress about what’s going on with my identify,” says Campbell.

Missouri State University offers advice on the schools web site for students about sharing sensitive data and other tips to staying safe but university officials were not available for comment.

Indiana University says it has found no evidence that the files were viewed or used for anything illegal but it said it will begin notifying all of the affected students this week.

Indiana University says no servers or systems were compromised, and the student information “was not downloaded by an unauthorized individual looking for specific sensitive data,”  in a news release.

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