Identity theft? I think someone used my social. I need help!?

Identity theft? I think someone used my social. I need help!?

Well I pretty much know someone got a loan, im assuming they used my social? I was going to get a phone with at&t and had to answer a few questions to see if i would qualify or not. 2 of the questions were if i ever got a car loan or house loan. I said no…but it came back incorrect. She was asking me if i was sure and i was completley positive. So i have no idea what she was talking about since ive never got a loan EVER. I have no idea if the loan was a car or house loan cause she couldnt tell me. and i dont know how serious this is. would this be considered identity theft? So heres the thing… I feel like it has something to do with my mom. since she has done some stuff kind of like this before…shes never used my social but she does alot of illegal stuff. and i know she knows my social secruity number. and my youngest sister did confirm that recently my mom had my other sister get a loan to bail out her boyfriend. I dont live with my mom because of the way she is. Im 23 years old. I dont know what to do or who to contact. I need all the help i could get..any kind of help would be great..if you could help me with a phone number or website. who should i contact? who would get in trouble, my sister or mom? would you pay a fine or go to jail for using someone elses social? thanks in advance.

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