Identity theft got you in a tizzy?

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Gone are the days of pitching out the trash or recycling full sheets of paper.  Identity theft is rampant and one of the safest ways to keep your identity your own is to shred your outdated or unwanted financials and paperwork.

According to the US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics, 7% of all United States residents 16 or over (16.6 million people) were the victim of one or more instance of identity theft in 2012. The Victims of Identity Theft, 2012 report further states that the most common types of ID theft involved existing banking and credit card accounts.

If you don’t want it and you don’t want anyone else to get their hands on it shred it! This Saturday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. the Shred King of Holbrook will be in the Lawrence School parking lot, 113 Lakeview Ave. in Falmouth to professionally shred your documents.

They can shred all your unwanted paperwork and you don’t even have to remove staples or paper clips, although large clamps, rings and cardboard are not permitted. Papers will be bi-directionally shredded and recycled, by Shred King.

The event is sponsored by Sound Financial Advisors at Janney Montgomery Scott and will benefit Neighborhood Falmouth.

The cost to shred is $5 per box (roughly 12x12x6), the proceeds of which will benefit Neighborhood Falmouth. Neighborhood Falmouth is part of a growing national movement dedicated to keeping seniors in their homes. According to the Neighborhood Falmouth website, volunteers and staff help local seniors with such tasks as light maintenance at home, transportation and emergency pet care.

And to reward yourself for getting rid of those unwanted papers in a responsible and safe manner, there will be tempting treats offered at a cookie sale to be held during the shredding event.

Editor’s note: See Teresa Martin’s 2010 story for on Nauset Neighbors here. 

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