Identity theft gang targeting I-5 corridor

SEATTLE — Police are warning people in the greater Seattle area of a Florida-based gang breaking into vehicles. Authorities in Snohomish County tell the Everett Herald they are cracking down on the crooks accused of targeting people along the Interstate 5 corridor.

Officers say the theft will happen in an instant, especially at parks and community centers where people don’t always think to lock their cars.

Authorities, including the FBI, report the break-ins typically result in identity theft.

Reports show Everett, Mill Creek and Bothell have had issues with the gang in previous months. It is unclear exactly how many people have been or are still being victimized in communities along I-5. One victim from Issaquah is out $27,000, according to the Everett Herald.

The group is known by police as the Felony Lane Gang. Members are accused of using the farthest outside drive-thru lanes at banks while accessing accounts with stolen bank cards.

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