Identity theft and you

KIMT NEWS 3 – According to the Federal Trade Commission, it’s estimated that every minute, 19 people fall victim to identity theft.

Many people are thinking more about it since the data breach at Target, when the personal information from millions of customers got into the wrong hands.

That’s why NIACC held an informational meeting for local business owners and consumers.

Gentry Galbreath is starting his own food safety business, and wants to ensure every transaction is a safe one.

“I have no idea how I am going to protect my data once I get it up there,” says Galbreath.

Cyber security instructor, Tracy Purchase, demonstrated how easy it is for someone to obtain your personal information. He then gave advice on how to keep them out.

“They need to monitor and choose protection systems if they have them, if not put them in place and just have someone who knows how to monitor their networks for them for malicious traffic,” he says.

We use so many different devices on a daily basis: Ipads, Kindles, smart phones, etc. Through these screens we make regular purchases.

So how can you protect yourself, and still shop for what you want?

Daniel Winegarden says every time he makes a purchase, he enters in his credit card information by hand.

“I never store my information online and even though it is an inconvenience to have to enter it every time, I would prefer it that it is a one-time transaction and it is processed and the vendor or online store doesn’t keep that information in a permanent database,” commented Winegarden.

It is inconvenient, but what’s more inconvenient is facing identity theft.

Galbreath believes, the information he’s learning now, will help protect him, and his clients, in the future.

“Coming to this meeting might give us an idea to at least give you a little heads up on what you’re going to get into and what kind of problems you can run into,” says Galbreath.

“Just be careful with what you’re doing and information your sharing with friends and anyone else you really don’t know,” advises Purchase.

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