Identity theft 101 offered by Amerishield LLC in Richmond Valley

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — With recent data breaches at major retailers — including Target and Neiman Marcus, whereby more than 70 million customers’ personal information was stolen at Target aloneidentity theft ranks among the top concerns of Staten Islanders.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Justice cites identity theft as one of the top crimes in America.

As a former a NYPD sergeant, James LaPiedra got together with his partners at Guided Professional Solutions, LLC in Richmond Valley to come up with a new business that would train people how to protect themselves against identify theft.

“My partners and I experienced a sharp increase in clients requesting assistance to help resolve issues that developed due to their identities being compromised,” said LaPiedra, managing member of Amerishield.

“These issues were related to financial, as well as the non-financial forms of identity fraud such as criminal, medical, child identity theft and social security number misuse,” he added, noting his partners are Gary Capaldo, Anthony Fauci, Fred LaMarca, Jeff Potter, Chris Rubano and Dominic Tobacco.

The outcome is Amerishield, LLC


101 Tyrellan Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10309

April 2012

 (718) 370-0518

“Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other consumer protection laws, consumers are afforded certain rights and protections that most people are unaware of. My program educates the client on available resources and measures they can provocatively take for free and greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim,” said LaPiedra.

Products and services

Clients of Amerishield, LLC can learn about preventive measures and good security habits, as well as detection techniques, such as staggered credit report monitoring throughout the year, LexisNexis report review, rental and check writing history, social security earnings history, insurance underwriting history and medical claims history.

“We offer one-on-one sessions where the measures outlined in the guide are performed. Each client receives the guide as a reference. We also offer each client reduced pricing for ongoing identity theft recovery services offered by ID360, a separate entity that specializes in identity fraud recovery,” said LaPiedra, who is president and CEO of ID360.

Growth strategy

2-SNNEWS_BIZ_IDTHEFT_18073972(1).JPGFrom left, Amerishield LLC partners: Fred LaMarca, Kristina LaPiedra  (office assistant), Jeffrey J. Potter, with Managing Partner James LaPiedra and partners Gary Capaldo and Rick Sciulla.

Through advertising and partnering with local professionals, Amerishield partners hope to grow the business.

“By selective advertising and partnering with local CPAs, attorneys, tax prepares, community and professional groups we expect to capitalize on this market strength. As service demand grows, we will provide specialized training for additional staff,” he said.

Five-year goals

The owners hope to gain a national presence within the next five years.

“Our five year plan is to maintain a flexible service model and evolve along with the dynamically changing risks associated with identity fraud,” said LaPiedra.

“We are currently training a network of professionals throughout the country and plan to expand our market share through strategic alliances with established local business franchises.”

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