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HOUSTON, Texas (KPRC) —┬áHouston’s Lakewood Church is warning members they could be targeted by identity thieves in the wake of a $600,000 theft from a safe in the church office discovered Monday.

Houston police said about $200,000 in cash was taken.

On Tuesday, church officials sent out an email to members warning that those who donated another $400,000 by check or credit card should watch their accounts to ensure they aren’t hacked by identity thieves.

“We’re wondering if we should cancel our checking account at the bank,” parishioner Carl Galka said Tuesday. “Anything that missing because of fraud the bank will reimburse me for it, so I’m not so worried about that as them taking my identity, and them starting something I’m not going to have any control over.”

Article source: http://www.wcsh6.com/news/national/article/272092/44/Houston-church-warns-members-of-identity-theft-following-600k-theft

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