Get Organized for Better Identity Theft Protection

A good way to protect your family, your possessions and your self against identity theft, is to get and stay organized. You need to be able to understand identity theft, how you can work towards the goal or protection plus plan to continue broadening your knowledge in this area as technology and crime grow together, hand in hand. So here are some helpful tips on how to get organized.

Basic Organizing for Your Family, Possessions, Self

The goal here is to set up a central information area, similar to that of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), but no where near as elaborate or expensive. You want to have an area where you can go to get helpful info about how to protect yourself, what to do in emergencies and how to access your own accounts.

– Set up your own info center made out of a file cabinet, sturdy color-coordinated plastic (labeled) tubs with lids, chest of drawers or shelving unit, for starters. Then inside of these storage places, add all information about identity theft along with copies of articles with helpful info, pamphlets, books, audio cassettes, videos and other resources about protecting your home, your computer…your other property and own self against crime, etc.

– Next, man (or ‘woman’) your pro-action station with helpful tools like: note-taking devices (pens, pencils, note tablets) for when television and radio pens come on with helpful tips and website links to visit about identity theft, audio cassette and / or MP3 player with headphones to listen to your tips and advice. Phone book and other emergency info you store with contact numbers (fire department, police, banks, loan institutions, etc.)

– And then set up folders – on your computer and offline in print – to house your emergency numbers (referenced above) and other important information and documentation. Keep these folders and files current, too, with banking info, account numbers, contacts (if you have names), credit bureaus (main 3), online account access info (for banking sites, auction sites like eBay, regular shopping sites or membership you buy from or visit, etc.) Add photos of your valuables, your latest credit bureau print outs that are fine, alarm info (set up instructions), etc.

In short, be prepared, as the Boy Scouts of America advise. Don’t be caught off guard. Instead, plan ahead and have your own info center ready and available to help you in emergencies 24/7.

So stay alert! Beware!

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